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Serving the Power Industry for over 25 years.

Rush deliveries for outages & emergencies

Wide variety of products designed specifically for Power Plant Applications including: Superheater & Waterwall Tubes, Drum Surface, Flue Gases, Steam/Water Lines, Motors, Generators, Boiler Feed Pumps, Air Pre-Heater, Coal Pulverizer and Turbine Performance.

Popular TTEC Product Solutions for this industry include:

  • Style 1050 “TECPAK” Boiler Tube Thermocouples. The rugged & highly annealed MgO insulated sheath provides long service life inside the boiler. Sheath Lengths from 1 to 250 Feet Long!
  • MVD Abrasion Resistant Thermowells for Coal Pulverizers. Tungsten Carbide fused to the Thermowell provides long product life under nasty conditions.
  • HR160 Incinerator Assemblies for Resource Recovery Plants. Protection Tube is a solid, solution strengthened NI-Co-Cr-Si alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance at high temperatures.
  • CFB Boiler Assemblies for Combustor, Cyclone Inlet/Outlet and Coal Ash Feed Lines. Life extensions anywhere from 1-4 years with these specially designed Assemblies.
  • KWIK-FIT Field Cuttable Probes & Spring Loaded Fittings for Thermowells & Bearing Temperature Measurements. Pull the probe from stock, cut it to length, slide on the fitting and add the head/block & you’re in business’!. Used for many applications throughout the plant. Consolidate inventory/eliminate downtime!
  • Weld-in Thermowells for Steam Lines with calculations per ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010
  • Heavy-duty spring loaded TECPAK MgO thermocouples & RTD’s for High Vibration applications.
  • Gas Turbine Exhaust thermocouples with reduced tips for enhanced speed of response
  • KWIK-BAY flexible, spring loaded, adjustable bayonet thermocouples & RTD’s for Thermowells. These units are adjustable over the entire length and fit .260 bore wells
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Chemical / Petrochemical
Chemical / Petrochemical

TTEC offers high quality, drilled bar stock Thermowell Assemblies for all types of heavy duty Process Applications in the Chemical/Petrochemical Industry.

Thermowell Assemblies include Threaded, Flanged, Van Stone, Weld-in & Socket Weld designs with Rush deliveries to meet critical deadlines.

TTEC Thermowells are available to suit the toughest application conditions. Materials include Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Tantalum & Duplex Stainless.

Special Thermowell treatments & Coatings are available to extend product life including MVD, Satellite TEC-Clad, Teflon & Kynar.

TTEC Spring Loaded TECPAK’s & RTD’s provide good thermal contact with the Thermowell and easy replacement of the element.

TTEC Product Solutions for the Chemical/Petrochem industry include custom Multi-point Assemblies for use in Reactors. These assemblies provide an accurate temperature profile of a vessel by way of multiple sensing pts within a common assembly.Typical applications include

  • Catalytic Crackers,
  • Distillation Columns
  • Ducts & Pressurized Reactor vessels.


TTEC custom designs Thermocouples & RTD’s for OEM Applications.

These sensors range from small diameter, fast response sensors to rugged heavy duty process assemblies.

Manufactured in small or large quantities, these sensors are precisely manufactured to meet or exceed specifications.

TTEC OEM product solutions include high accuracy, fast response RTD’s used in Analytical Instrumentation, High Temperature Platinum Rhodium Double Tube Assemblies for Combustion Based Equipment and oil sealed, spring loaded RTD’s for Industrial Air Handling Equipment.

TTEC Recrystallized Silicon Carbide Thermocouple Assemblies provide precise Temperature measurements to 3000°F (1649°C) for Furnace Manufacturers.

Industrial, Electrical & Integrated Supply
Industrial, Electrical & Integrated Supply

TTEC has an extensive stock of Temperature Measurement Sensors, Components & Accessories for this Industry. These products include Thermocouples, RTD’s, Thermowells & Protection Tubes, Thermocouple Wire, Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Indicators & Controllers. Components & Accessories include Heads & Blocks, Insulators, Standard & Miniature Connectors & Panel Jacks, Strip Panels & Compensated Thermocouple Barrier Strips.

TTEC’s KWIK-FIT inventory includes our extensive “in-stock” offering of Field Cuttable Thermocouples, RTD’s & accessories, including 24″ & 48″ long probes.

Other popular, stocked products include the TTEC Series of KWIK-SHIP Thermowell Assemblies, Thermowells, RTD’s, Thermocouple Wire and 420PRO Temperature Transmitters.

Need help with the specs? We’ll gladly assist you in specifying the product so that you can quote your customer or get an order entered for fast shipment.

Not a stock item? No problem. Rush orders are our specialty. Let us know what you need and we’ll make sure it happens.Whatever the item: Thermocouple, RTD, Thermowell, Transmitter, Wire, Indicator or the whole Package, TTEC can complete the job for you to make sure your customers get exactly what they need, fast!

Engineering Firms
Engineering Firms

TTEC has over 25 years of Project Experience in the Power & Process Industries. -Our complete capability includes all project Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Thermocouple Wire, Junction Boxes and all mounting plates/hardware.

Support services include all Project deliverables, milestone reports, shipment tracking and all required Vendor data. Vendor data typically includes Drawings, QA/QC Manuals, custom I/M Manuals, Recommended Spare Parts Lists, Data Sheets, Calculations, Test Reports, SBOM’s & Packing Lists.

Custom Packaging to Project Requirements including Export packing.

Manufacturing to Project QC/QA Requirements & Industry Standards.

Competitive complete package price with strict adherence to all project time lines.

Custom & Extended Warranties available per project requirements.

Industrial Controls & Instrumentation
Industrial Controls & Instrumentation

TTEC completes your Controls Package with our full line of Thermocouples, RTD’s & Accessories.

Standard or Custom designs to complement your product offering. TTEC can mfg any Thermocouple or RTD that you need in small or large quantity
Thermocouples: All Types (-330 to 4200F)
RTD’s: Platinum, Nickel, Copper (-330 to 1200F)
Wire: Thermocouple or Extension Grade, RTD Extension Wire.
Transmitters: In head or Din-Rail (programmable or factory ranged, HART)
Digital Indicators: Panel Meters, Local Displays, Hand-Held.

Aircraft & Aerospace
Aircraft & Aerospace

TTEC manufactures T/C’s & RTD’s for a variety of Aircraft & Aerospace Applications, including Test Stands, Environmental Chambers and Heat Treating Furnaces for Aircraft Components.
NIST Traceable calibration tests and material tests reports are available as required.
TTEC Style 8012 RTD’s with DIN Class A special accuracy are use to precisely measure Environmental Chamber Temperatures. These Chambers re-produce in-flight conditions that aircraft parts will be exposed to. Accurate & Stable readings from the TTEC 8012 RTD’s allow these parts & systems to be monitored for performance & safety.
TTEC Style 1010 TECPAK Thermocouples with quick disconnect plugs are used to measure various engine temperatures on Test Stands. These thermocouples are manufactured under tight tolerances to reduce the probe profile outside the engine and allow for easy disconnect from the wiring harness.


TTEC provides Temperature Measurement reliability for the Cement, Concrete & Construction Aggregates Industry.
TTEC products provide the accuracy & stability that allow our cement industry customers to achieve the Batch Consistency & High Quality they require.
TTEC Series 3000 Thermocouples provide high accuracy for KILN Temperatures to 2700°F (1482°C). TTEC Sensors are also utilized to provide reliable Preheater Tower, Heat Recovery & Stack temperature measurements.
Our Cement Industry customers use TTEC sensors to help achieve high product quality & consistency, save energy and reduce emissions by accurately measuring critical plant temperatures.


TTEC RTD’S & Thermocouples are utilized in a wide variety of Pharmaceutical production & Research Facilities.
TTEC Chiller Plant Averaging RTD Assemblies provide the mean water tank temp over a 15 foot length with 4-20 mA output from the weatherproof head.
TTEC Series 8000 RTD’s & 1000 Series Thermocouples accurately measure Pharmaceutical plant temperatures in Autoclaves, Lyophilizers and Test Chambers.
TTEC Type T Validation Thermocouples are custom manufactured to the most stringent standards. These flexible Thermocouples are manufactured using special tolerance conductors & Teflon insulation.
TTEC Style 1060 Field Cuttable RTD’s are used for thermowell replacement elements in all sort of process applications.

Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage

TTEC sensors are utilized in many Food & Beverage applications. These products allow our customers to achieve the product quality & consistency required with each batch processed. Some of these Industries include Boxed &Ground Beef, Chocolate & Cocoa, Dairy, Pork, Chicken & Turkey, Snack Foods, Food Ingredients, Sweeteners & Sugar, Flavorings & Application Technologies, Bulk Food Transport & Storage, Brewing/Specialty malts and Seafood Processing.
TTEC Roasting Drum RTD’s include a special abrasion resistant tip that extends product life in chocolate/cocoa Production facilities.
TTEC heavy duty handle probes w/piercing tips allow Q.C. personnel in Pork Production to sample products to ensure proper internal temperatures are maintained to guard against contamination due to improper cooking or refrigeration/storage temperatures.
TTEC Style 8030 RTD’s are supplied standard with FDA White Polypropylene Heads & Sanitary Connections for CIP Applications.
TTEC Products assist our Food/Beverage customers in their efforts to improve product quality & shelf life, monitor plant environmental conditions, reduce costs and ensure plant & product safety.

Iron & Steel
Iron & Steel

TTEC Products accurately measure process temperatures in all sorts of steel making applications. These include coke ovens, blast furnace, steel making, continuous casters, hot rolling mill, annealing lines, cold mill & coating lines.
TTEC manufactures special NIST traceable TECPAK Thermocouples in 6-24 Ft lengths with MVD hardened tips for use in abrasive high temperature applications.
TTEC Flanged Multipoint assemblies with Multiprobe Gland fittings provide accurate temperature profiles & easily replaceable Thermocouples for sintering plant temperature measurements.
TTEC Multi-pair Extension Wire cable is used to reduce labor costs when pulling many runs of Thermocouple Extension Wire during Plant Outage work. Up to 50 pairs are available.TTEC Blast Furnace Thermocouples include:

    Burden Probes, Cooling Water & Hearth Sidewall: Style 1010 Quick Disconnect TECPAKs with compression fittings & weatherproof boots.
    Shell Temperatures: Style 1010 Quick Disconnect TECPAKs with spring loaded packing glands & weatherproof boots.

  • In wall: Style 13001 Protection Tubes with welded bushings & Style 1010 Quick Disconnect TECPAKs with compression fittings & weatherproof boots.
  • Furnace Uptake: Style 13001 Protection Tubes with welded bushings & Style 1031 TECPAKs with spring loaded fittings & weatherproof Heads.
  • Under hearth: Style 1031 TECPAKs with union, spring loaded fitting & weatherproof head.
  • Hearth T/C Arrays: Style 1010 Quick Disconnect Inconel TECPAKs, 30 Feet long with compression fittings & weatherproof boots.
  • Suction T/C’s: Style 10008 Heavy Duty Thermowells with Style 1015 N/U/N connected, spring loaded TECPAKs with weatherproof Heads.
  • Plant Steam Flow: Style 10009 Heavy duty Thermowells with lagging extensions.
  • Tap Hole T/C’s: Style 1010 TECPAK Thermocouples with Spring Loaded Packing Glands
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Import/Export Supply
Import/Export Supply

TTEC is your one stop Temperature Source for Thermocouples, RTD’s, Thermowells, Wire, Indicators & Accessories.Our Export Sales dept. will work closely with you to ensure that all your requirements are met. This includes:

  • Immediate response on Quotation Requests & Order Acknowledgements
  • Dedicated Export Sales Personnel to handle your inquiries & orders.
  • Assistance in specifying the products that your customers need.
  • Technical Assistance and website tools to easily specify the required items.
  • Experienced personnel to handle all commercial documentation including pro-Forma and Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin and NAFTA Certificates (if applicable).
  • Export Packing including scheduling of Pick up, shipment notification and tracking
  • Vendor Technical documents as required including: Material Test Reports, Instruction Manuals and Calibration Test Reports with shipment. -Metric or fractional units of measure.
  • Highest Quality at best pricing available.
  • Expedited shipments available.

Just send us a quote request or place your order, we’ll do the rest. TTEC is your dedicated Export partner for all your Temperature related needs!

Gas Pipeline, Transmission & Storage
Gas Pipeline, Transmission & Storage

TTEC has a wide variety of adaptable products for this industry for maintenance, productivity and safety.
TTEC KWIK-FIT Field Cuttable RTD’s and Thermocouples are widely used in a variety of applications. These units can be quickly cut in the field and with TTEC’s easy to use, adjustable spring loaded fitting, can be in installed in any number of Thermowells without downtime. Stocked in 24 & 48″ lengths, custom Field Cuttable RTD’s have been supplied for Pipeline Applications with lengths as long as 120″.
TTEC #10-1972 Gas Turbine Exhaust Temperature Thermocouples with fast response, reduced diameter tips are used at Compressor Stations to continuously monitor these critical temperatures.
KWIK-SHIP complete thermowell assemblies are shipped from stock and include ¾” NPT 316ss Thermowell, RTD (or T/C) spring loaded fitting, weatherproof head & block. Available in a variety of insertion lengths, these units are used for measurements in process piping.
Series 8000 RTD’s are used for temperature monitoring either with fixed fittings for direct insertion or with spring loaded fittings for use with Thermowells.
Series 10000 heavy duty Thermowell Assemblies with Explosion Proof Heads are used to measure process line temperatures in LNG Plants.
sOther products used in this industry are TTEC’s MESO-HX intrinsically safe Temperature Transmitters, Series 1000 Type T TECPAK thermocouples for Cryogenic Temperature measurements and custom thermowells to suit existing installation conditions.

Pulp & Paper Mills
Pulp & Paper Mills

TTEC thermocouples and RTD’s for Pulp & Paper Mills are used in many applications plant wide to monitor critical plant temperatures, improve performance, enhance safety and reduce fuel costs and plant emissions. These applications include measurements in Recovery Boilers, Lime Kilns, Bearings, Dryers & Stacks.
Series 10000 Thermowells machined from Duplex Stainless Steel material provide enhanced performance and product life compared to other grades of Stainless Steel.
TTEC Custom Boiler “Start-up” probes include unique protection tube supports that allow long protection tubes to be mounted horizontally and function at high temperatures.
TTEC Field Cuttable RTD’s and thermocouples are used as replacement elements for existing Thermowell assemblies. This provides inventory consolidation and reduction of equipment down time and maintenance costs.
TTEC Field Cuttable RTD’s with Oil Seal Fittings are used to measure Bearing Temperatures and prevent plant equipment failures.
TTEC Series 1000 pad welded TECPAK Thermocouples provide accurate tube surface measurements to help optimize function of Paper Mill Boilers.

Electrical Contractors & Field Service
Electrical Contractors & Field Service

Fast reliable service & quality products are the reasons why Contractors turn to TTEC over & over to help them complete the job!
Rush deliveries to meet your critical deadlines are our specialty.
TTEC has a vast array of stocked products & over 25 years of experience to suit many applications, including our extensive Field Cuttable Probes & accessories that can be fitted in the field with nothing more than a vise & tubing cutter.Stocked products include KWIK-SHIP thermowell assemblies , KWIK-SHIP RTD probes and KWIK-SHIP WIRE on 100 FT and 1000 FT reels.
Experienced & friendly technical support is ready to assist with any temperature measurement requirements that you may have for your project.
TTEC can handle all your project requirements for Thermocouples, RTD’s, Wire, Temperature Transmitters, Indicators & Controllers. If it has to do with Temperature, we can help!

Non-Ferrous Metals
Non-Ferrous Metals

TTEC thermocouples are used in various Non-Ferrous Metals Industries to accurately measure high temperatures under harsh conditions.
TTEC Series 2000 Industrial Assemblies are used to measure molten metal temperatures in smelting applications.
TTEC Series 1000 TECPAK thermocouples are used in large processing facilities to provide accurate Furnace Temperatures.The TTEC # 10-3633 custom Thermocouple with ¼” NPT process thread is utilized for Reclaimer Temperatures in the Aluminum Industry.
TTEC Series 7000 Thermocouples are used in Baghouses & Cyclones to economically and effectively monitor temperatures in the Copper industry.
TTEC Techoloy tubes are used in non-ferrous melting & refining.
TTEC Style 13014 Metal-Ceramic LT-1 Tubes are used in molten copper & brass to 2100 F for both intermittent and continuous immersions. Other applications for this product include Molten Zinc to 1600 F and Molten tin & molten silver solder.